Some Of The Most Expensive Vape Pens On The Market

Vaporizer ( or vape) pens have become so ubiquitous and fashionable in the recent past. This fashion of trend of vape pens seems one with a future and not something that is likely to die out any soon. The vape pens technology was first introduced in a bid to increase portability of drugs meant to be smoked for instance marijuana. This technology is also aimed at reducing environmental pollution caused by cigarette smoke and reduce the health issues related to the habit of smoking. It is far more comfortable for you to use a vape pen than smoke a marijuana joint.

expensive vaporizers pens

But just how much does a vape pen cost? With their increasing popularity, prices of vape pens have been rising steadily. Below is a list of the most expensive vaporizers pen:

The Crafty

Manufactured by Storz and Bickel. A handheld vaporizer that is very portable and has been lauded for truly vaporizing marijuana to produce that awesome cloud rather than burning the holy weed. The gadget uses high technology to alert the user when it is ready after initially burning to a temperature of 365 degrees of Fahrenheit. The sturdy design and the big clouds keep the user wishing to vaporize anywhere. The most expensive vape pen goes for three hundred and ninety-nine US Dollars.

Pax 2

Manufactured by the Pax labs. Packaged in brushed aluminum to give it a stealthy and sleekly of look. Has two interchangeable mouthpieces and is available in four different colors. This vape pen produces beautiful smoke and the flowers are not scorched. The second most expensive vaporizers pen is sold at a price of 279.99 US Dollars.

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V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer

The third most expensive vaporizers pen goes at 149.99 US Dollars.This high-tech gadget has three heat levels from which you can choose. It also allows for easy and gentle pulling with little or no aftertaste. At present, it comes in three different colors and you will find it quite stealthy.

The Trippy Stix 2.0

This vape pen is worth one hundred and forty US Dollars and was manufactured by Pure Epic. It is made of titanium and has a gold tip which makes it far more sanitary. It includes a USB charger and Trippy tops.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

Invented by Dr. Dabber, the fifth most expensive vaporizers pen was lauded for having super hits, being very well packaged and producing very minimal lights. This vape pen worth 84.95 US Dollars is made of Grade 4 Titanium around the wick – emits nice clouds and is solid. The pen includes a USB charger, an extra atomizer, a container and a dabber.